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Re: [despammed] Re: odd networking problem

Monday, October 7, 2002, 12:39:40 PM, you wrote:

Jeff> Ed McMan, 2002-Oct-06 19:22 -0400:
Jeff> <snip>
>> Here is the weird part.  This computer works fine using the same
>> configuration in Windows.  All the other computers work fine too.  I
>> have been trying to figure out what the problem is, so I did some
>> packet sniffing with ethereal on the router.
>> I listened for any packets going to or from the debian machine in
>> question.  I ran ping (some host on the internet) and let it sit.  The
>> first two pings went through, and then it stopped.  The *really* weird
>> part is that the machine stopped sending the pings!  Well, the router
>> wasn't receiving them anyway.  Another oddity is that running
>> /etc/init.d/networking restart on the workstation would fix the problem, for a few more
>> packets.  After letting ping sit, another ping would go through about
>> every five minutes.

Jeff> This is weird.  A few thoughts...

Jeff> - are there firewall rules on the router that might be limiting ICMP?
no, the first few go through.  any other machine can also ping,
traceroute fine.
Jeff> - could system be on a bad switch port? or patch cable?
nope, works fine in windows.
Jeff> - are there errors being generated on the eth1 interface,
Jeff>   e.g. ifconfig eth1 ?  perhaps a bad NIC?
no errors, and it works in windows.

This is driving me nuts ;)

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