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Re: any good mp3 player?

    "Sandip" == Sandip P Deshmukh <Sandip> writes:

    Sandip> i think i will have to ask for such suggestions for some
    Sandip> time to come.  earlier i had asked for file manager and
    Sandip> have settled for mc, gmc combination. now, for music.

    Sandip> my music files are all mp3s. they are all placed in one
    Sandip> directory -

    Sandip> several subdirectories under it and a cdrom.

    Sandip> i tried splay, but it doesnt work well. for it can not
    Sandip> handle subdirectory structure and multiple directories
    Sandip> either.

    Sandip> any suggestions?

I use xmms and it works great. However, I use it with Ogg files, not
MP3, but that should hardly be a problem.


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