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Re: another grave galeon bug

martin f krafft <madduck@madduck.net> writes:

> Karsten said that Galeon just does it right, that's why it's so good.
> And while I mostly concur, it is quite a buggy browser.
> Can someone confirm this:
>   Select the URL in galeon for Cut'n'paste
>   Load OpenOffice, leave Galeon in the background
>   Paste the URL with middle-click into OpenOffice
>   Galeon crashes in the background

Nope, doesn't crash for me.  In fact, galeon hasn't crashed in several
months for me, tracking unstable.

> This is very very very very very annoying!

It would be.

My main gripe with galeon is the UI.  It seems to me that so many of the
features that galeon borrowed from opera are just so much much clunky in
galeon (especially the "Personal Bar", or whatever it's called).  I
really dislike the usability of the gtk+ toolkit.  Maybe I'm just a Qt

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