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Re: aha-2940 scsi controller problem

On 06 Oct 2002 12:55:08 +0200
Andraz Sraka <a@aufbix.org> wrote:

> as aic7xxx_old module. With aic7xxx_old the whole thing doesn't
> work at all, because the SCSI bus is being reset all the time. (see
> enclosed log file), aic7xxx module also dumps a sort of strange
> output and cdrom still doesn't work (cdrecord -scanbus doesn't
> print the right output as well as I cannot mount cdrom), although
> in both cases scsi controller"recognizes" cdrom. What am I missing
> here .. is maybe a scsi controller b0rk3n?


Are you sure that the controller and drive is properly connected and
terminated and that the drive power connector is ok?



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