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RE: (X 4.0 problem )Re: pls help or i will switch to other distro

Yes I totally agree with Kent there.  A 1mb card will have severe
limitations as to maximum resolution and screen depth.  I'd say you'd be
lucky to run 800*600 at 16 bit, if that.  


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John Joe wrote:

>Thanks for your reply!
>i have Trident 9680 and Woody and upgrade kernel to
>2.4 but still can't use X 4.0 
>when i enter xinit, the X background seems OK, but the
>xterm is divided, irregularly. i use no window
>manager. below is XF86Config-4 and output of xinit:
>(please reply to softguy@citiz.net because i will
>leave the list soon.)

Let me encourage you to use "startx" rather than "xinit".

The divided xterm indicates a problem with your card/resolution 
settings. I'm not familiar with the Trident 9680, but a quick google 
indicates it's a PCI card with 2MB max RAM, which means yours probably 
only has 1MB. I've had problems with lower-RAM cards getting X working; 
sometimes ya just gotta hold your mouth just right . . . .

Once in X, you might try pressing Ctrl-Alt-PlusOnTheKeypad or 
Ctrtl-Alt-MinusOnTheKeypad to cycle through the defined resolutions. 
But, if you only have a 1MB card, I'd recommend you scrounge up a 4MB 
card or so (Ebay, local computer store's dumpster, etc).


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