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[no subject] - ( 1u power supp ) -- was RE: advanced power management and linux? 2.0->2.2 upgrade: "Internal error: couldn't perform immediate configuration" 2.1 -> 2.2 apt-get dist-upgrade issue... SEG FAULT 2.2.17 and ReiserFS 2.2 -> Woody FW: 2.4.0-test8 and ssh (OpenSSH_2.1.1): error: socket: Address family not supported by protocol 2.4.0-test8 & modconf 3c509 troubles 3com 3c509 and the mouse 3Com Etherlink driver (was Re: your mail) 486DX Install 4 speaker & sound a2ps with 4 up printing. RE: abbreviations About Nestcape 4.75 access lists in qmail access to /var/log/messages acroread Exited with error code: 0x400e0009 Acroread not working Adding a Drive Icon [newbie] Re: advanced power management and linux? afterstep all .deb md5sums Allow port 113? / IRC question Another Poll Re: Another Poll (Update) Antigen found JS/Kak.A.Worm virus anybody got a .sawfishrc? anybody got everybuddy running? Any knowledgeable Afio people out there? any know NAT/VPN out there? any luck with ES1869 sound card? Anyone want a utility to find the best mirror? any sample configs for mutt using GnuPG? aol art images on linux Apache Apache and ssi apache doesn't find user Re: Apache mod_rewrite Re: Apache mod_rewrite and Alias ? apache-perl: missing handler server-parsed Apache-Perl: missing handler "server-parsed" Apache with Servlet support APM: disable mouse interrupt? apm/hdparm/power-supply saga, latest installment apm: set display: Interface not engaged APM: wakeup-on-LAN, RTC, etc apology Re: Apps Crashing a Lot Apt and NFS? apt and perl apt-confused? APT::Force-LoopBreak ?? apt-get and glibc update apt-get/dselect apt-get, gnome-apt, dselect, which to use? apt-get install task apt-get pkg held-back? apt-get pkg not upgraded? apt-get problem apt-get problems apt-get question apt-get questions ????? apt-get size mismatch with woody apt-get tut apt-get update failures apt-get update problem apt-get upgrade broke apache apt-get upgrade size mismatch question Re: 'apt-get upgrade' -> system doesn't boot apt-get & vim problem apt-move and helix apt-move: potato-proposed updates? apt problems "at" command? attachment to the no DRQ error audio for root, not user audio/x--mp3 and other associatetions autolog error message awe 64 gold sound card - help! Re: Ayuda en TCP por favor backspace in X Bad memory (was: Linux crashes a lot) balse bash login for root .bashrc question Basic hostname question beg *Begging* now for help with KDE2 Begone, vile emacs! BeOs best location for downloads? Best place for setserial best way to install debian in VMware VM Re: best way to install debian in VMware VM (found it :) binary-1386-1.iso \doc\install BIND setup Bitchx and failure in creating new windows bitchx and forward delete key Bitchx and screen do NOT cooperate in 2.2 book suggestions Boot disk dilemma boot information booting with lilo win2k Boot Problem - Pls Help Re: bouncing listserv email... bouncing mails, third instance -- fixable? Branden confuses me with his recommendations for XF86 4.01 debs Broken kde? Re: Bug#72595: i2c: i2c (using make-kpkg modules-image) wants to write to /lib/modules/2.2.18pre11 bug in gdb! it segfaults! Bug in xconfig??? built-in bash functions Burn in an ethernet device c2perl ?? cable modem: does my hostname matter? Can anyone else verify this ??? can anyone explain why ?? Can gpm and X live in peace? Re: Can Mondo be used over lan Re: Can Navigator spawn other mail proggy? cannot print w/hp842c Canon BJC-1000 problem Can't get rid of kde... Can't get Voodoo 3 to work can't install star office 5.2 Can't make squid proxy requests to and from IIS can't ping Can't use ediff from *cvs* buffer in emacs on potato CAP calendar client? CASIO PV-450X Catch 22 dpkg mystery and Resin c++ compiler problem CD distro cdr image format to jpg, eps : GIMP? CDROM and Soundcard CDROM Driver 2.56, AHA2940 and Linux 2.2.15 CD rom drives. The last update was on 10:50 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 4716 messages. Page 1 of 10.

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