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[no subject] "at" command? "Cloning" a Debian system "Cross-window-paste-facility-thing" ??? "Joe" editor "no PPP support" "standard" entries for apt sources.list? Re: 'apt-get upgrade' -> system doesn't boot 'init s' froze keyboard forcing cold reboot ( 1u power supp ) -- was RE: advanced power management and linux? (Fwd) "no DRQ after issuing WRITE" Re: (More on) Printing Problem on a Network RE: (mutt gpg thread) Re: (ot) What is load average? *Begging* now for help with KDE2 *Thanx* - .bashrc question .deb files for StarOffice .tar [Rookie question] /debian-non-US/dists/woody/Contents-*.gz /etc/init.d/network v. /etc/network/* /etc/networks line /etc/passwd & user IRC /etc/rc.boot Re: /etc/rc.boot (new Q: 'outputting' manpage) /etc/rc?.d question /etc/rcx.d... how should be setup? /etc/reslov.conf Re: /lib/module/2.2.17/modules.dep /tmp directory /tmp got deleted! help /var/spool/mail on NFS 2.0->2.2 upgrade: "Internal error: couldn't perform immediate configuration" 2.1 -> 2.2 apt-get dist-upgrade issue... SEG FAULT 2.2 -> Woody 2.2.17 and ReiserFS 2.4.0-test8 & modconf FW: 2.4.0-test8 and ssh (OpenSSH_2.1.1): error: socket: Address family not supported by protocol 3c509 troubles 3com 3c509 and the mouse 3Com Etherlink driver (was Re: your mail) 4 speaker & sound 486DX Install ?? .Xdefaults ?? [ Peace Computer's Web Hosting Service Only $58per month.] [ Re: FA310TX (tulip) and potato] Re: [Fwd: CD distro] [Fwd: New installation (again!)] [Fwd: stupid question] [ Re: XF86Setup: how are the Modelines generated?] [ XF86Setup: how are the Modelines generated?] RE: [ILUG] mere samba&access horror [ apt-get & vim problem] [O.T.] Ethics & Security [was Re: Debian VS. Red Hat + MS] [OFF TOPIC] Postscript Printer [OFF-TOPIC] Video Servers [OT?] Linux Volume Manager (was: Re: Disk Partitioning for Newbies (everything you always wanted to know)) Re: [ot] <rant>grub is great!</rant> [OT] A convert [OT] bash/awk question [ot] dns questions [OT] general whine about the net [OT] History: GNUStep vs. Gnome [OT] Public folders [OT] Re: BeOs [OT] RE: fishing hooks [OT] Re: Message saying this lists's mailbox is full Re: [OT] Switching kernels without reboot [OT] Switching kernels without reboot (continued) (was: Re: Debian vs. Red Hat) [OT] Switching kernels without reboot (was: Re: Debian vs. Red Hat) Re: [SLU] .tar [Rookie question] Re: [SLU] How a Debian/GNU is Storm? Re: [SLU] Re: Netscape Bookmarks [TOT] The Way To San Jose? [ Error: undelivered email - recipient email storage limit exceeded] a2ps with 4 up printing. RE: abbreviations About Nestcape 4.75 access lists in qmail access to /var/log/messages acroread Exited with error code: 0x400e0009 Acroread not working Adding a Drive Icon [newbie] Re: advanced power management and linux? afterstep all .deb md5sums Allow port 113? / IRC question Another Poll Re: Another Poll (Update) Antigen found JS/Kak.A.Worm virus any know NAT/VPN out there? Any knowledgeable Afio people out there? any luck with ES1869 sound card? any sample configs for mutt using GnuPG? anybody got a .sawfishrc? anybody got everybuddy running? Anyone want a utility to find the best mirror? aol art images on linux Apache Apache and ssi apache doesn't find user Re: Apache mod_rewrite Re: Apache mod_rewrite and Alias ? Apache with Servlet support apache-perl: missing handler server-parsed Apache-Perl: missing handler "server-parsed" apm/hdparm/power-supply saga, latest installment APM: disable mouse interrupt? apm: set display: Interface not engaged APM: wakeup-on-LAN, RTC, etc apology Re: Apps Crashing a Lot Apt and NFS? apt and perl apt problems apt-confused? apt-get & vim problem apt-get and glibc update apt-get install task apt-get pkg held-back? apt-get pkg not upgraded? apt-get problem apt-get problems apt-get question apt-get questions ????? apt-get size mismatch with woody apt-get tut apt-get update failures apt-get update problem apt-get upgrade broke apache apt-get upgrade size mismatch question apt-get, gnome-apt, dselect, which to use? apt-get/dselect apt-move and helix apt-move: potato-proposed updates? APT::Force-LoopBreak ?? attachment to the no DRQ error audio for root, not user audio/x--mp3 and other associatetions autolog error message awe 64 gold sound card - help! Re: Ayuda en TCP por favor backspace in X Bad memory (was: Linux crashes a lot) balse bash login for root Basic hostname question beg The last update was on 07:07 GMT Mon Jun 13. There are 4716 messages. Page 1 of 10.

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