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Re: any sample configs for mutt using GnuPG?

Quoth loki, 
> Aargh!  After going through documentation which is out of date etc.
> and then the annoying gpg.rc which comes with mutt but demands I
> download RSA modules and so on.. does anyone have a sample config
> which doesn't bother using patent-encumbered algorithms and simply
> sets the right variables to let you sign/encrypt mail using stock
> GnuPG?

The following is in my ~/.muttrc (standard mutt that comes with potato).
This automatically signs my outgoing mail as me.

set pgp_default_version=gpg
set pgp_autosign
set pgp_sign_as=<your key id>
set pgp_timeout=7200

Note that adding PGP/GnuPG signatures by default to all outgoing mail
confuses some thick people who dont understand such things. You'll get a
lot of `I couldn't open your attachment' complaints, as the PGP
signature is a MIME attachment.

I have added the following as well, which disables the PGP signature for
mail I send from my default mailbox (ie., my day to day personal mail).
However, I still use it on all my mailing list postings.

folder-hook "!" unset pgp_autosign


damon (who is always happy to help a fellow debian user, and fellow

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