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Re: [webmaster@my.netvigator.com: Error: undelivered email - recipient email storage limit exceeded]

Mike Werner said:
> Is the list owner about?  If so, could you *please* find the offendor and
> remove them from this list?  This is getting to be a bit much.

Unfortunately, netvigator's bounce doesn't say who the user causing the
problem is.  If there are multiple netvigator accounts subscribed to the
list, it may well be impossible to determine which one to remove without
sending mail to all of them saying, "Reply to this or else you'll be dropped
from the list."

I sent mail to netvigator's postmaster last week complaining that his user's
name should appear in the bounce message so that people sending to lists or
multiple To/Cc/Bcc recipients can know which address is unusable.  I never
got a response.  Perhaps if others send similar complaints, he might do
something about it...

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