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Re: advanced power management and linux?

There is a purpose for the power supply fan you know. I
had one going on the fritz ( running slow and stopping at
times). I ran it this way for 6mo or so. Then all at once
my hd started going haywire. Short story: I had to replace
the hd and power supply.     Dean
Krzys Majewski wrote:
> > > Hm, the chopstick is starting to  smell bad, gotta let the fan run for
> > > a bit..
> >
> > the fan motor will probably burn out like this.
> Hm, really? I don't think the motor is running; the P/S makes
> absolutely no sound at all. Still going strong. Do mean that
> the motor will burn out because it isn't running, but should be?
> In this case, can I replace the (hard-wired) fan with some
> component from Radio Shack (a resistor??) which fools the
> circuit into thinking that it's a fan? What sort of component
> would I need? The fan is 12V, 0.15A.
> > well you could always buy Apple's powerpc hardware, Steve Jobs
> > apparently loathes fan noise and macs are rather quiet.  most of them
> > run debian quite nicely too ;-)
> >
> > (the negative side to this is the rather high prices)
> There it is..
> -chris
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