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Re: (More on) Printing Problem on a Network

Okay, I have some more diagnostic information about this problem.  I've run lpr
to try a print job and get the following error message:

lpr; connect: Connection refused
jobs queried, but cannot start daemon

ps aux shows lpd running (two processes).  lpd restart and lpd stop/start don't
make any difference.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


> I'm not sure why, but my Linux box that was printing just fine to a network
> printer (via TCP/IP) no longer works.  Netscape, enscript, WordPerfect, Adobe,
> all worked fine until, one day (yesterday) they didn't.  I restarted lpd, but
> no avail.  Incidentally, the Linux box has not been rebooted.  Any ideas what
> should do
> next?
> -- 

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