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APM: wakeup-on-LAN, RTC, etc

I've disabled  wakeup-on-LAN in  my BIOS, but  my machine wakes  up on
incoming connections, unless I shut down networking 
(/etc/init.d/networking stop). Is  this normal? 
* If  not, what can  I do about  it? I don't  think the apm  driver is
ignoring   all  my   BIOS   settings,  for   example   I  can   toggle
turn-off-cpufan-on-suspend  and it  works  as advertised,  or is  this
independent of linux?  
*   If   so,  why?   Is   /etc/init.d/networking  somehow   considered
"privileged" by  the apm  driver? It  seems to be  the case  that some
programs  are  privileged;  for  example  cron  jobs  do  wake  up  my
machine.  AFAIK the  way cron  works is  by checking  every  minute if
anything  needs to  be done,  yet my  machine does  not wake  up every
minute. Or does  cron somehow rely on RTC interrupts,  or does it rely
on them only when suspended? 

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