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[TOT] The Way To San Jose?

Dear Deb-Ians,

TOT == Totally Off Topic.

I've got to believe at least a few on this list are in San Jose,
California, or environs. I am going to be 'talking' with a firm in the
San Jose area this week. I know basically squat about the area, not
having been there in over five years.

Would any kind soul care to share knowledge of the area? As in LUG's,
DUG's, restaurants (I'm partial to Indian, Thai, Sushi and Italian, but
have been known to eat anything that is no longer moving -- with the
exceptions of Clams and Oysters on-the-halfshell which should still be
moving), traffic, ISP's with free SDSL, renting/owning nitty-gritty,
etc., etc.?

BTW, could San Jose possibly be the city that Tia calls home? She has
got to be the Internet hotty of all time since everybody is taking about
her! How truly karmic that would be.

Seriously, any input would be most appreciated. You can email me,
off-list, at montefin@finux.com .

Thank you for any guidance, and for your patience with,


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