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Re: ?? .Xdefaults ??

Hello Peter,

It should work, if you just rename your old .Xdefaults file into
.Xresources (it can also be done to make X read from a directory and have
files for all the single applications, but I don't remember how). In
fact, the name doesn't really matter. If you want to have resources read
from a file with another name, you can to put a line like:

xrdb filename_of_file_with_Xresources

(See 'man xrdb')

into your .xsession file. BTW, debian is not so different from other
unixes. I remember, that at the IBM RS/6000 workstations with AIX, where I
also sometimes work, it's also named .Xresources.

On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Peter Malewski wrote:

> Some time ago I used a file ".Xdefaults" where things like
> emacs*Background: DarkSlateGray
> emacs*Foreground: White
> emacs*pointerColor: Orchid
> emacs*cursorColor: Orchid
> emacs*bitmapIcon: on
> etc. stands. I found in the initial .Xsession that the default place is
> usrresources=$HOME/.Xresources
> so I changed the files in that folder (like adding another default 
> backround for xterm). Why doesn't this have any influence neither if i
> start with "startx" nor "xdm"?? Why is debian so different from other
> unixes who use ".Xdefaults"? Where can I place my preferences for X????
> Thanks for any help
> Peter

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