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Re: any luck with ES1869 sound card?

You have to recompile the kernel with sound enabled as a module (if you're using idepci
kernel--the full-blown version might have it in already) and use the sb (soundblaster)
module.  A list of the modules I have working says :

Use sndconfig to set it up--it's pretty easy, just pick a card and tell it what settings
(irq, ioport, dma).  After that, all the users you want to have access to sound you have
to add to the audio group.

Peter Fedichev wrote:

> Hello!
> have anyone ever managed to get sound working with ES1869 sound card? I've been using
> RedHat and gave up with it. Since recently I installed Debian 2.2 and got the same
> problem again. Do any of you know the way out or maybe there is a place somewhere to
> read about configuring a sound card in more details.
> Thanks in advance
> --
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