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Re: Allow port 113? / IRC question

On 23-Sep-2000 Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
>> Should I allow packets coming into my port 113?
> there was a big discussion about this about half a year ago. maybe you
> want to look at the archives.
> i reject these packets and it works.
> if some server denies you access because of this, you may run some
> fake ident server - i don't know, if there is something like that around.

There is oidentd:
Description: Replacement ident daemon
 An ident (rfc1413) daemon for Linux.  Oidentd supports most features
 of pidentd as well as a number of features absent in pidentd.  Most
 notably, oidentd allows users, given the proper permission, to specify
 the identd response that the server will output when a successful
 lookup is completed.  Oidentd also allows for pseudo-random strings
 (either a prefix, such as "user," followed by a number between 0 and
 99999, or 10 pseudo-random characters of the  set 0-9A-Za-z) to be
 returned  upon the completion of a successful lookup instead of a
 username or a UID.
 Oidentd now supports IP masqueraded connections, including netfilter.

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