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Re: Apt and NFS?

Noah L. Meyerhans said:
> The best way to do it is to use the kernel space NFS server, as it does
> support file locking and will allow programs like dpkg to work as
> intended.

I presume that would be the kernel NFS implementation which (as of 2.2.16, at

- Isn't even shown unless you enable "Prompt for development and/or
  incomplete code/drivers"

- Refers to itself as "this new experimental kernel based NFS server... it
  might not be completely stable yet" in its 'help' entry

- References two sources for documentation, one of which doesn't really say
  anything other than 'kernel NFS exists and requires knfsd which can be
  obtained at...' and the other is targeted at user-space NFS setup and
  doesn't even acknowledge the existence of knfsd.

I don't particularly like the idea of being unable to lock files over the
network, but until I see some documentation on how to set up knfsd - or at
least how doing so differs (or doesn't) from the user-space nfsd - going to
the kernel NFS server is a task of indeterminate size which could cause much
bigger (and, perhaps, less obvious) problems while the configuration is
worked out.

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