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1.1 Install problem #1, make it boot! Engage. #1, make it boot. Engage. 50% Performance lose a4.sty and a4wide.sty About CD delivery delays from I-Connect and Bruce Perens About Triton DMA IDE vs. SCSI performance Access to 1.2.8 from 2.0.6 Adaptec corruption relieved! (so far) Adding nfs and ip modules to base aic7xxx corrupts superblock? All my memory disappears, rather too quickly All my memory disappears, rather too quickly .... ALPHA: pe package - periodic execution Announce: ImageMagick package ANNOUNCEMENT: anacron (was called 'pe' before) Announce: New Debian FAQ ANNOUNCE: pe package -- try 2 anybody seen this? anyone interested in a lambdamoo .deb? Anyone know of a DHCP server for Linux that assigns addresses dynamically? Anyone want xanim as a deb package Anyone who had the installation kernel decompression problem. Apache - catch 22? Apache conundrum? archie babel 3.6-4 trouble bable won't configure Bad modules.tgz in special-kernel disks? bash PATH, dselect and ftape bleh... boot floppy problems - invalid compressed format Booting problems boot paramet question bsdgames Bug#4291: dselect and ftp Bug Report: clock seg faults Bugs caffiene-free netscape Can domain names have a dash (-)? can I erase /var/tmp? Cannot compile mouse support - help! Can't find boot/root disks for 1.1 can't ifconfig dummy can't open xconsole Can't remove sendmail with dselect/dpkg catch 22? cdplay & sound.o autoloading CHAP authentication Re: The "*" character (was: Latex ) chat bugs Re: chat bugs: mine are finally solved with a delay (\d) chat problems FW: Checking version <was :RE: kernel si Checking version <was :RE: kernel size> clnttcp_create: RPC: Program not registered clock -w writes bogus date Re: color ls Complete Lockups Re: Compose characters in X configuring packages as a separate step Consensus about /bin/perl. Contents of a package? (was deb-view.el) Cornerstone Monitor? cron Cron error in debian 1.15 Date: 26-Aug-1996 10:47:04 -0400 Re: dead HD Debian-1.1.3 Debian 1.1: fsck failure. Debian Color-ls Command? Debian Faq Debian Installation Boot Program missing something Debian install: Thinkpad560 Dual Scan debianized debian list administrator debian mirror in Australia Debian on a Compaq Prosignia 4/66 Debian Package Setup Debian quirks? Debian-Talk List Downtime debian user in SW Michigan(Kalamazoo-St.Joe counties) Debian v. 1.1.5 crashes.. des encryption.. Destroying a computer via software /dev/audio & /dev/dsp Device or resource busy ??? /dev/console and headless computers /dev/psaux problems diald diald - AAAHHH!! Re: Diald kills pppd diald troubles Digested version of this list? Re: Digested version of this list? (Stopped archives) Re: Discrepancies between mirror sites Disk Partition dns Does 3C589 work with new PCMCIA? does Linux support 2940 Ultra Wide SCSI? Don't use Matrox cards (Was re:dosemu) Re: dosemu dosemu, problem dosemu whoes Re: Dos to Debain serial (was popclient) Do you use SLIP or a variant with Debian? dpkg 1.3.10 Dpkg feature request dpkg freezes system dpkg-ftp or installing via FTP DPKG Remapping table Dr. Paul Vio, Paediatrics dselect 1.3.9: cursor keys locked after search dselect and ftp dselect/dpkg problem: install/remove dselect ftp through fire-wall dselect ftp went bye bye dselect returns error code dump for a.out? duplicate gs and gsfonts Duplicating Debian Installations? dvips/metafont and Stylus 800 ELF or a.out? ELF-x11r6lib in a debian package? enlarge the ext2 partition without reinstall "Error in archive format" for boot1440_2.0.5-1.bin /etc/passwd migration between systems eth0: Memory squeeze, dropping packet exmh and Xauthority Experimental DHCPD package EXT2-fs warning (device 16:0n)... "Extended" memory? FAQ: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages A few problems Few quick questions A few stupid(?) questions... File systems fileutils 3.13-3 seems to be messed up Re: Fix for your serial/PPP problems Fixing timezone info in Debian flop-py disk installation........... floppy set Floppy won't boot with internal cache enabled Formatting a 4GB Partition ftape format warning!!! Ftape freezes the system. ftp access Ftp method in dselect fvwm95 not finding files... [Fwd: Virus Alert] [Fwd: Vote in LJ Reader's Choice Survey] gcc can't find termcap library GCC frepo (continue) GCC frepo patch don't work. Gcc won't compile :-( Re: German manpages Re: getting the mouse to work Good Times GOOD TIMES The last update was on 10:08 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1515 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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