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anybody seen this?

Just thought I would start here to see if I can find a solution.  I
have a Micron PCI Pentium-90 PNP system with the EIDE controllers on
the mother board.  On the primary controller I have two 1.2G Western
Digital HD's.  The master is partitioned into 2 drives all for
Win95. The slave is partitioned into 2 drives for Debian, swap and
everything else(it is a home machine).  I have a EIDE CD-ROM on the
secondary controller.  Here is the situation/problem.  If I am in
Debian and then warm boot into Win95, Win95 forgets about my CD-ROM
drive.  I have to cold boot the machine to get it back.  I have it set
as G: just in case Win95 is trying to assign the linux partitions, it
knows the second drive is there.  I am using  LILO to boot manage and
have Win95 as the default(other non-linux family members use it).

I think this is kind of a catch 22 situation.  The Linux folks will
tell me to look at the Win95 side of it and the Win95 folks will tell
me to look at the Linux side of it.

Any pointers?


Brian Servis
Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University

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