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Re: A few stupid(?) questions...

> 1.  The Bourne Again SHell seems to require a '.\' before the
I guess you mean "./", don't you? ---------------+

> executable name in order to be able to execute the program (all
> programs in the /usr/games directory).

Check your PATH setting: is "." part of the search path?

> 2.  I've created .bashrc, .bash_profile, and .bash_aliases in my
> /root directory, and /home/dbl home directory.  However, bash does
> not seem to load these up.  I've modified the files to allow for an
> easier transition from DOS/OS2 command prompts.

Read the bash manual: 

.bashrc is only loaded by non-interactive shells. Put the following at
the top of your .bash_profile:

  if [ -r $HOME/.bashrc ]
    source $HOME/.bashrc

And .bash_aliases is not an autoloaded file too, use the same
construct as above.


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