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Re: *REPRODUCIBLE CRASH* with 2.0.12 kernel (earlier kernels also)

From: Randy Gobbel <gobbel%phaistos@phaistos.ucsd.edu>

> but when I try to run it on a relatively large password
> file, I get a system freeze after running for around 45 minutes.

Watch its memory usage, and see if it is using up your swap space.
It's probably dying when memory usage gets to a particular value.
You might be able to get around the problem by adding swap space.
Of course it should fail more gracefully than hanging the system.

> Deleted inode 281219 has zero dtime.

We have allocated the inode in /usr/src/linux/fs/ext/ialloc.c, but we
have not gotten to use it for something (or that something did not get
its block written from the RAM cache to disk before the crash). Harmless.

If you want to help track down a kernel bug, please subscribe to
linux-kernel@vger.rutgers.edu . They can handle it a lot better than
we can.



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