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Re: /tmp, /var/tmp (was: Debian Quirks?)

> > > Several programs seems to prefer /tmp over /var/tmp.
> > /tmp should probably be a symbolic link to var/tmp .

I believe the way to do it is to have /tmp be a real directory in the
root filesystem, and then mount a larger filesystem over it later.
Programs that get run before /tmp is mounted over have the limited
space, and all others (i.e., just about everyone) see the large /tmp.

Root's /tmp can't be seen once it's mounted over, but processes that
have an open file there can still access it.  When the overlaying
device is unmounted, root's /tmp becomes visible again.

The biggest danger is that it's difficult to see what's building up in
root's /tmp if it's always covered up by the time you log in.

Pete Harlan

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