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Re: "Error in archive format" for boot1440_2.0.5-1.bin

As Luca Maranzano said:
> Hi all,
> I'm installing Debian 1.1 on a P90 with a NCR53c810 SCSI controller,
> so I grabbed the special kernel 'boot1440_2.0.5-1.bin' which supports
> this cotroller. The installation process proceeds fine until the
> "Install the Operating System Kernel" step. When I insert the
> boot floppy after a while I get the message:
> Error in archive format.

The boot floppy has an MS-DOS filesystem on it. If you do a directory of
that disk, you'll find a file called MODULES.TGZ  This is the bad file.
Either use the DOS versions of gzip and tar, or upload this file to a Unix
system and rename it 'modules.tar.gz'

gzip -d MODULES.TGZ   works fine.

tar tf MODULES.TAR   recreates your error. It's a bad tar file.

All the special kernel disks have this.

I had to create my own MODULES.TGZ file on another Unix system by extracing
the pertinent modules from one of the Debian packages (I forget which one


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