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Re: fileutils 3.13-3 seems to be messed up

> I just installed fileutils 3.13-3, and now my 'ls' is screwed up.  I 

ls isn't screwed up. RTFM.

> removed color-ls as it said I was supposed to.  I remember reading about 
> how color-ls is now included in fileutils.  However there is no color-ls 
> file in my /usr/bin directory anymore, there is a dircolors file though,  
> doing a dpkg -S dircolors tells me its from the fileutils package.  Why 
> did fileutils install dircolors and not color-ls?  Am I missing something 
> here?

dircolors != color-ls 

Please read the file in /usr/doc/fileutils and /or the info documentation
which comes with fileutils and /or the manpage.

color-ls is obsolete and gone :).


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