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Re: Bugs

Kevin M. Bealer writes ("Bugs"):
> I've submitted these two bugs to debian bugs, and got no
> response;  I submitted them again, and still got no response. 
> (Has the list address changed recently?)  I could try again, but
> then I would have to wait again, and so on, so...  (In
> otherwords, sorry for the offtopic.)

Kevin: please send them to submit@bugs.debian.org, if you haven't

Bruce: this is very bad.  Could you change the Pixar alias to point to
debian-bugs@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk ?  I've made this an alias for
submit@bugs.  We know that Pixar can deliver mail here.

It is definitely very bad if messages are just disappearing and not
even bouncing.  If all else fails the alias at Pixar should be


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