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Re: catch 22?

Thanks to all the Debian L'ers for the suggestions on how to
deal with this problem, especially Dwarf, Guy, Jim and Heiko.
I did manage to correctly get a fresh source and image installed
by using Heiko's suggestion (or a very close version of it)!  I 
changed the status file to read " purge ok not-installed" and 
that did fake out dpkg.  Thanks guys!  Appreciate all the help.

But, now, another has shown up!  You guys are gonna get tired
of me stumbling around.  Seems if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have
none at all.  My CD is on a SB16 card.  I've told the new kernel
NOT to load modules (N to kerneld) and somehow, what is now
happening is SB driver loads during boot, and then later in the
boot process I see loading modules, and you guessed it, it loads
sbpcd as a module also!  Only the module doesn't see the line
passed to the kernel specifying the parameters for sbpcd, so it
polls for every darn possible address and clone drive!  Now my
systems takes about ten minutes to boot!   Almost as long as my
Vax's at work! :-)

Anyone tell me what question I answered wrong to cause this?


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