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Re: Floppy won't boot with internal cache enabled

Guy Maor wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, Steve Gaarder wrote:
> > I am installing Debian 1.1.1 on a generic clone with an AMD 486 on an
> > Opti-based motherboard.  If I have the internal cache enabled in setup,
> > I get the error "invalid compressed format" after the "uncompressing
> > Linux" message.  If I disable the cache, it boots fine.  It boots ok
> > from the hard drive either way.  Anyone know what is going on?
> I don't see how this could happen with an L1 cache (internal), but it
> could with an L2 (external).  Were you perhaps enabling and disabling
> the external?  Try to enable it but make the timings more
> conservative.  You're probably seeing hardware problems; your L2 cache
> is being addressed too quickly.
> Guy

I had problems like this a couple years back when I was installing OS/2
on a Dell Machine (486,66mhz).. The installation would fail if I didn't
disabel both L1 and L2 caches.. But I ripped out the TsengLab GFX card
and all troubles went away.. Ripping out gfx card is often not a option 
but the Dell MB had a Cyrrus Logic Chip on it...

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