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Anyone who had the installation kernel decompression problem.

If you have had trouble booting from the installation floppy (created
from boot1440.bin or boot1200.bin), please help me out.

I have been researching the problem (thanks to Bruce Perens for help
and guidance), and I would now like to pinpoint a specific hardware
incompatibility, if one exists.  Hopefully, this will suggest a fix for
the problem, or at least allow us to warn others.

The problem:  On some systems, using the Debian Installation Boot Disk,
  the linux kernel fails to decompress.  (This happens *after* you have
  pressed <return> in response to the 'boot:' prompt.)

Typical solutions:  This problem is often avoided by turning off the
  level one and/or level two cache.  Others have also suggested
  reducing the clock speed, or increasing the wait states.

If you have experienced this, I would like to know:

  * Your CPU type.
  * Your floppy controller.
  * Your solution.
  * Anything else that might be helpful.

I look forward to your replies.

Chris -)-----

Christopher R. Hertel -)-----                   University of Minnesota
crh@nts.umn.edu              Networking and Telecommunications Services

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