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[no subject] 2 hba's accessing same disk Apache clustering w/ load balancing and failover apt-get update failure??? CBQ/HBQ and other QoS algorithms CBQ.init problem Comparison of antivirals for postfix on Debian Debian-based hosting needed debian-isp Does TESTING have security updates? does the new sendmail bug affect 8.11.x? Re: Dovecot Dovecot (was: Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..) Exim, Exiscan and FSAV Exim problem mails stucks in /var/spool/exim/input/ exim SMTP AUTH ..fixing ext3 fs going read-only, was : Sendmail or Qmail ? .. Friend, Confirm Your Subscription to Claim Your Gift FSCKFIX=yes Re: FS performace with lots of files, was: ..fixing ext3 fs going read-only, was : Sendmail or Qmail ? .. Funny NFS Gated vs Zebra Generic Control Pannel route setup, tieing to the right nic fails [Help] Find alike apache "ab" benchmark tools [Help] Find server hardware stress/benchmark tools on linux box Hot-backup a complete Debian install How to modify input-chain to simulate "lost packets"? ieee1394 and webcasting ip aliasing and second default gw in /etc/network/interfaces ISP and WebHosting kernel log Lazy Apache with domains mail from Fatima Iyesa Ismiana Mail solution for very small ISP migrating a large mail system ..mirror script: woody deb mirror for i386, how to exclude the rest? mixing testing with stable multiple ppp connections (no subject) Of SANS and IOS On SMP, getting: Message from watchdog: The system will be rebooted because of error -3! package repository perdition - squirrelmail (pop3 and imap) Postfix: Multiple recipients alias? Postfix+mysql delivery problem. Postfix + Quota (+ procmail?) Postfix UnKnown Recipients Postfix - Virtual subdomains? Postfix! [WAS: Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..] proftpd exploit proposed updates security fixes?? (apt-get update failure v2) raid controller & debian removabale caddies Researching spamblock/antivirus/attachment filters on mail servers RFC2228-only FTP ? RIPE Autonomously System: Question? Sendmail or Qmail ? .. Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? Postfix! SMP on Debian server with Hyperthreading SMTP-AUTH-SSL + limitation SMTP retrys on failure -- General Question about rfc. splitting a subnet in an odd way Squid Refresh ? [ [ #4073] FYI: mon] tping - tool for connectivity testing unsubscribe Virtual Hosting Virus Found in message "That movie" vmware server with multiple Server OS's on blade servers Warning: Possible Virus Infection Web administration Apache - Virtual domains Web administration for postfix? Where to get 'DCC' and 'pyzor' packages from? Woody with Intel S875WP1-E board? Re: Woody with Intel S875WP1-E board? - OT You have been removed from Etips The last update was on 14:40 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 332 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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