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Re: multiple ppp connections


You can force the ppp interface number by using the "unit" option in
your pppd configuration file.  

So, following the standard debian ppp setup, if you have:

You can set "unit 1" in the first to force it into using ppp1, and "unit
2" in the second to make it come up as ppp2.  These options also work as
command line arguments, but that gets messy.  

Once the ppp interfaces are predictable, your iptables rules should be a
lot simpler to set up.



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On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 22:24, Szőts Róbert wrote:
> Does anyone know how can I put iptables firewall script onto a firewall where is more ppp connectoins?
> Expl.
> There is a firewall with two  dsl connection the first is ppp0 the 2nd is the ppp1. It's clear.
> How can I build firewall If I do not know which dsl connection wil be the ppp0 or the ppp1?
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Robert

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