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Re: Debian-based hosting needed

Antony Gelberg (antony@antgel.co.uk) said:
> Can anyone recommend a company?  Hardware requirements are pretty basic,
> and once the server is installed, we will manage it ourselves.  All we
> need from this company will be connectivity and the box itself.  Backup
> would be something we'd think about if the price was right.  Oh yeah,
> price is important as well.

I'm currently moving my colo'd web/email/etc stuff to a box hosted by

For $99/month you get a 1GHz system, 512MB RAM, 60G disk, with a
450G/month transfer limit with a basic woody install. (I think there's
an upgrade package above that) They have a SLA for 99.9% connectivity
and other random frills.

The final nice thing,  IMO, is that they have customer forums, so people
can complain/ask questions in public.

Adam Lazur, Cluster Monkey

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