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Generic Control Pannel


 I'm managing some kind of ISP services but I don't have any "control
pannel" service to offer to my customers. The idea is that my
customers could manage their own mailboxes (create, delete, change
passwds, etc), ftp accounts, dns zone, etc. I've thought of
developping my own application for that purpose, based on PHP and
MySQL. I don't see it difficult but I don't have much time and I'm not
a good graphic/website designer, so I'd prefer to use any free control
pannel available, after modifying its code to fit my machine needs
(for instance, my database structure, harddisk directory tree, etc). 

 The idea is not having to design the web style of the administration
tool, authentication (login window), and things like that. Which
already-existing (and free) control pannel would you recommend to me
for this purpose? I'd prefer one based on PHP, but it would not be a
problem if it is based on other options (Perl, C, ...). I'm using
Apache on Debian Linux (of course).

 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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