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Re: splitting a subnet in an odd way

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 00:47, Leonardo Boselli wrote:
> I have a /24 subnet.
> .1 is the gateway and almost all IP from 2 to 254 are occupied.
> I would like to split the host in three groups:
> 12 that can have full access, 12 thought one firewall and the other 205
> throught a second firewall.
> I cannot chanmge the number of some machines, so the only option is
> that the first 12 and the two firewalls are .2 to .14
> the second group is .18 to .29 and the third vould keep is present
> numbers between .36 and .254.

If you want to subnet it then you'll need a router to have an IP address in 
each subnet.  But that shouldn't be a problem.

Have 1..14 as one subnet (15 is broadcast) and have 17..30 as another.

For the rest the best thing to do is to have a router that sends fake ARP 
responses so that the rest of the machines can consider themselves to be in 
a /24.

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