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Re: Debian-based hosting needed


On Wed, 17 Sep 2003 12:30:43 +0100 Antony Gelberg <antony@antgel.co.uk>

> Obviously I am a big Debian fan, however all the
> server hosting companies I can find are using RedHat or that Sun sh*t.
> Can anyone recommend a company?  

I've got a Debian Virtual Server from http://www.greatnet.de/ 

Performance and price are very okay. Service (the few instances I had
contact with) is extremely short-worded/brief, but competent and helpful
once you got over the fact that you don't get longish explanations but
the distilled response right to the point.

Another one is http://vd-server.de/  (virtual server here, too) - no
personal experience here.

Another option would be housing of your own hardware or reinstallation
of a dedicated server at hoster (e.g. as described in Linux Magazine


Volker Tanger

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