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Re: proposed updates security fixes?? (apt-get update failure v2)

Marcin Owsiany wrote:

is it normal behavior for systems having woody-proposed-updates among
apt sources NOT to have a mysql update for the recently announced mysql
server vuln. ?

As for how to cope with the proposed-updates/security updates
desynchroni[zs]ation, see

Thanks for the tip, it works now.

Nevertheless, I don't find this desync acceptable.
Now one can't rely on apt-get update; apt-get upgrade to have a system
patched for all the known vulns, but has to check manually if a newer
AND UNPATCHED package is in proposed-updates and add the corresponding
entries in /etc/apt/preferences by hand. :S

Is it OK for the debian folks, and they don't intend to do anything about
this issue ?

.SiCk of IT.

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