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Re: Woody with Intel S875WP1-E board?

What kernel is Red Hat Linux 8.0 using.

Seeing you are simply trying to get a board to work this is more 
of kernel issue than a distribution issue. If you were using something
evil like Cold Fusion, it might be a distribution issue. Of course,
all distribution issues can be worked around with symbolic links and the 
proper libraries.

If the Linux kernel supports the hardware, it really does
not matter which Linux distro you use. 

>Anyone ever tried the Intel S875/S845 main-boards
>with Woody?  They come with one (two for the 845)
>Intel PRO100+ and one Intel PRO1000 XT interface (for the 
>875) onboard  which I find pretty tempting.
>According to Intel they are "Red Hat* Linux 8.0" 
The 875 chipset is a 82547EI, the 845's a 82550PM.

*Theodore Knab			
*Washington College		
*Maryland, USA			
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