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Re: Woody with Intel S875WP1-E board? - OT

On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 14:54, Theodore J. Knab wrote:
> What kernel is Red Hat Linux 8.0 using.
> Seeing you are simply trying to get a board to work this is more 
> of kernel issue than a distribution issue. If you were using something
> evil like Cold Fusion, it might be a distribution issue. Of course,
> all distribution issues can be worked around with symbolic links and the 
> proper libraries.

Slightly OT:

Just wanted to mention that although Coldfusion is evil (and I second
that ;o) all recent releases run just fine on Debian Woody out of the

We had to install it for some customers and there where no problems
whatsoever, neither when installing nor running it in production.

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