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Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..

On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 12:54:55AM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> - qmail has a good integration with one of the fastest mailing list
>   servers, ezmlm.

ezmlm is probably the best thing about qmail.   however, it's also an example
of the technology trap that i referred to in a previous message in this thread.

fortunately, courier-mlm has all of the features of ezmlm and works with any
standard unix MTA including courier-mta, sendmail, exim, and postfix.  ezmlm
only works with qmail.

btw, mailing list speed has a lot more to do with MTA speed than the list
software itself.  take any mailing list and try running it with different list
managers and different MTAs - several things will become apparent:

1. sendmail is slow with any list manager, even if you pre-sort the recipient

2. sendmail's performance varies greatly depending on how you tweak it, and
depending on which list manager you use (and how it sends the mail).  no matter
how well you tweak it, though, it will not even begin to come close to
postfix's performance.

3. postfix is extremely fast with any list manager, regardless of whether you
pre-sort the recipient list or not and regardless of whether you use VERP[1]
features or not.

4. qmail comes close to postfix's speed ONLY if there aren't many recipients at
the same domain *OR* if you are using VERP.  if there are many recipients at
the same domain (e.g. a few hundred at hotmail.com, a few hundred more at
yahoo.com etc) and you don't need VERP then delivery by qmail will be much

[1] another good idea from djb that was implemented better by others.  IMO &
IME, he's good at ideas, bad at implementation and absolutely lousy at systems


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