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Re: Researching spamblock/antivirus/attachment filters on mail servers

for procmail i use this two recipes:

* (^See the attached file for details)

* (^Please see the attached file for details)

maybe it would be better to use
* (^(Please see|See) the attached file for details)
but I didn't tried. It was easier and I didn't have time to experience.
${MAILDIR}.Virus/ could be changed to /dev/null but I like to see my every
email (including the infected mails).


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Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 1:45 AM
Subject: Researching spamblock/antivirus/attachment filters on mail servers

> When Sobig.F hit the local MTA, I started to look for a filter to block
> it. I looked at some common approaches, and my first impression was that
> the filters would be pretty easy to bypass. Which again means that lot's
> og MTA's may be vulnerable for the next attachment plague.
> In order to research this theory, I need access to email accounts[1] on
> mail-servers that has applied filters to block suspect attachment types
> like "*.pif". The findings will be published on my home-page (and
> possible on BUGTRAQ if I find anything serious), along with tools to
> verify if an MTA indeed stop masqueraded attachments, or stop valid
> emails in error.
> If you have a mail-server that is supposed to block such attachments,
> and are willing to help me in my research, please drop me a note. I'm
> looking for anything from simple perl scripts to commercial filters.
> Jarle
> [1] The email-accounts will only be used for this purpose.
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