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Re: Comparison of antivirals for postfix on Debian

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003 14:26:09 +0100
"Chris Evans" <chris1@psyctc.org> wrote:

> I haven't seen this recently, sorry if I've looked through it.
> I run a small, opt-in, Email list server for charities on Debian 
> stable with postfix and spamassassin.  I was using RAV-postfix but 
> since M$ have bought them out and my subscription is running out, I 
> have to replace RAV.  I'm looking at Kaspersky and Vexira at present
> but trying to find comparative experiences from people who know what
> they're talking about.  Any views anyone?
> I'll summarise private responses to the list anonymously or credited
> unless asked not to summarise at all.

I've got Vexira running on a fairly small (150 mailboxes/500 messages
per day) email server running Exim-Mysql and SA. Vexira works well
with just about any MTA, auto updates are on by default (every hour
IIRC). It caught nearly 3500 instances of Sobig the last two weeks. So
I consider that a big win. Pretty cheap (~$250 US for 3 domains). I've
basically been able to forget about it. 
The (IMHO) BIG drawback, is that the installation instructions tell
you to let Vexira listen on port 25, and your MTA listen on some other
port. Then after Vexira scans the email, it forwards it on to the MTA.
This is a problem if you want to offer any kind of SMTP
authentication. There may be a way to integrate it with amavis or
similar, but I didn't delve that deep. 

BTW, be sure to turn OFF those email virus notifications ;-)

Dustin Douglas
Free The Lapland Six!!!

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