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Dovecot (was: Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..)

On Monday 08 September 2003 14:41, mimo wrote:
> I have just played around with dovecot imap server. I can use your
> existing mail spool files. Also it allows for craetion of IMAP folders
> in users' home dirs which worries me a bit. I'd rather have the mailbox
> in MySQL or something like that. But that's a differnet discussion I guess.

Can you share your experiences? How does dovecot perform? Does it support SSL 
(I guess so since it depends on gnutls)? What configuration options does it 
have? I guess since it supports standard mailboxen, standard mail delivery 
via procmail can be used by default.

Yes, I'll do my own homework - but if people can give a recommendation pro or 
contra, I might have an idea where to set my hopes. (Ok, it should be an 
improvement over uw-imapd in any case ;-)

-- vbi

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