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Re: Postfix: Multiple recipients alias?

The best thing to do is set up a mailing list - e.g. mailman. It's easy to maintain and takes care of spoofing when you set it to allow subscribers only to post. We are only ~7 people in our company - still it makes sense for us to use mailman instead of a list in postfix.

Hope this helps.


R.M. Evers wrote:
Thank you all for your input. The method described in the e-mails from
the postfix user list (links below) seems to work. The only disadvantage
seems to be, that the method is vulnerable for sender-spoofing.. So
creating a virtual like 'all@mycompany.com' will be out of the
question.. :-)

Thanks again,


On Fri, 2003-09-26 at 23:17, Christian Kurz wrote:
On [26/09/03 13:40], R.M. Evers wrote:
This could be a stupid question, but I'm trying to accomplish the
In our company, we run a Debian mailserver with Postfix. The server runs
a lot of accounts and virtual domains for our customers, but also for
our own employees. Now, what i want to do, is make some sort of alias
for our employees, so that they can send an e-mail to, for example
"all-employees@ourcompany.com", which would deliver to all of our
mailboxes. But, I only want this alias to be available for our own
employees. Not for the outside world, of course..
Would this be possible?
I'm not sure since I never tested it, but I think using
smtpd_restriction_classes might help with this. Take a look at the
following e-Mails from the postfix user list:




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