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Re: [Help] Find server hardware stress/benchmark tools on linux box

Im shure russel coker is arround....
He made the coolest stress benchamrks arround. All Free baby!


Bonnie++    For testing your disks/storage (you can BM a samba share if
you want for example....)

slapper     For testing your ldap

postal      To kill your smtp

There are more.....

Intel has also an io/something stuff that is supposed to work. If you
ask me its pretty sucky, id go with bonnie++ every time.

Now, benchmark is more in the technique and the statistic accuracy than
in the software itself. Make shure you use a good test farm, for example
grab a couple/three of old boxes that SHOULD have the combined power to
stress your servers. This is important, the bigger your test farm, the
better the stress. Also, sincronize it all by ntp so that you get
accurate logs everywhere and can cross search and analyze all the data.
If at first your servers just humm nicely, your test farm is not big
enough. Get enough to make those servers cry.

El mar, 16-09-2003 a las 12:03, axacheng escribió:
> Hello List :
> We're 2 intel base testing servers need to stress/benchmark for hardware stability and reliability....
> those are testing servers runing Debian woody...
> Anyone has any good advice?
> -- 
> Trust & Unique ... 

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