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Re: Postfix! [WAS: Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..]

> Please people,
> What is the connection between the nationality of Wietse Venema and
> people who sent spam? This is a very strange argument and more fitted
> for a discussion between kids. We are adults, we are professionals, this
> list is to discuss technicall matters (personal opinions allowed).
> Please keep up the high standard of this list!
> Thank you
> Brian

Hear hear! Nationality doesn't matter. We're talking about technical merit
of things here. Let's keep race, creed, religion, colour out of this.

> >You should follow nanae more often on usenet and you will know that
> >`spammers' mostly moved away from a2000.nl/chello.nl thanks to Marcel
> >his actions. And you don't clean a network with over 300k of customers
> >overnight, but even SPEWS is seeing changes.

Don't mention SPEWS. SPEWS is famous for blocking large non-USA ISPs at
the drop of a hat, while large USA spam-support ISPs get away with murder.
Why? Because Spews is either run by someone in the USA or knows that if
they started applying the same principals to everyone, more and more large
USA ISPs will be blocked completely, and less and less people will use
SPEWS. Thus SPEWS has double-standards in this regard.

I prefer ones that have the same standard, regardless of what country you
are in. Many many block lists are available... www.spamcop.net... or just
check out one of the best Block List comparisons yourself at:

> >Also another thing, if I may believe statistics from people running
> >spamikaze[1] is the US currently nummero uno in there blacklists
> >by blocked IP-address. Even .tw, .cn and .kr are just minor issues
> >compared to the US.

Don't tell SPEWS and NANAE that... from the way they talk and act, every
spammer must be in China, Korea, Taiwan, and everywhere else EXCEPT the

> >Maybe also nice to know is that there is a foundation[2] in the
> >Netherlands that fights against Dutch-companies that send people bulk
> >e-mail to addresses that are not collected with confirmed opt-in.

In the above block list comparison webpage, I believe it is listed there?

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