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Re: Apache clustering w/ load balancing and failover

Mario Lopez wrote:

Why not using 'roundrobin' ???

Install a couple of Web-Servers, give each Server an IP and then setup for each Server a A-Record on your DNS-Server pointing to the same hostname.

The problem with round robin is that when one server fails over it keeps sending them connections, I once saw a DNS server implemented in Perl which worked in a round robin fashion but making some kind of test to know if the server was up and running correctly, I remeber it was called something like "lb-named"


Why not use (keepalived?) with round robin dns then?. You get load balancing, redundancy, and you don't need unnecessary additionnal servers or kernel patches or whatever. Even with a lot of servers, it should scale pretty well. Works too with servers in several locations on different internet pipes, as long as there are at least two servers on each pipe for redundancy.

Mathieu Martin
Services I.M.M.

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