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Re: removabale caddies

>information regarding the removable caddies?
> I am interested for information, specs, and esp uses and suppliers.  IS

Here's a bit recycled from something I did for a youth center

Dunno if it works for you in Oz.  Google is my only connection with the


Hard drive drawers and caddies.

These allow to quickly swap hard drives without tools or futzing with
jumpers. The more expensive models let you swap hard drives in and out
while the computer is running.

The benefits that removable hard drives solve are:

	1) Most of the benefit of several completely
	   different computer setups at the cost of
	   several hard drives.

	2) Simpler disc imaging. If a computer setup is bad
	   you can pull the hard drive, replace it with one
	   from the shelf, stick the mis configured hard drive
	   into an 'imaging' station and restore it and put it
	   on the shelf.

These are the ones I've used for a couple years. I've had a couple 5-6
recycled year old hard drives fail. (maybe because they were dropped on
the floor)  The keys tend to wear out, but since you get extra keys this
isn't a big deal.


This model is more expensive but perhaps more durable and certainly
more stylish.

This model is made of metal instead of plastic and is probably more
durable still. However, I wouldn't use the hot swapping software.


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