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SMP on Debian server with Hyperthreading

Hi all,

Just wondering... I've got a 2.4Ghz Hyperthreading (100% it is the
hyperthreading model), and the BIOS sees it.

I then compiled the kernel... the usual, except added the SMP support
setting "Symmetric multi-processing support". Nothing else was changed.

Compiled it, liloed it... it's running it:

# uname -a
Linux megalith 2.4.22 #8 SMP Thu Aug 28 14:44:13 HKT 2003 i686 unknown


# mpstat -P
Not an SMP machine...

And in top i don't see the multiple CPU usage....

this is all strange. For Linux, aren't Hyperthreading CPUs suppose to act
like completely separate independent CPUs (this was suppose to change in
2.6... but for 2.4, they can't tell the difference, right?).

Hope you can advise... as hyperthreading is there but not being used,
which is a waste and could add performance.

Thanks in advance!


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