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Re: Sendmail or Qmail ? ..

> On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 03:43:33PM +1000, Rudi Starcevic wrote:
> > Sendmail or Qmail ? That is my question.

Well Rudi,

You have heard from most camps of users who prefer MTA's for various
reasons. Interesting enough, Debian ships exim default, and uses Mailman
for it's Debian hosted lists, SuSE ships Postfix, oh yea but they use
qmail for the MTA of choice and ezmlm for all the SuSE hosted lists, and
the so on and so on.

Opinions abound on which is better but I have found after running them
all, that I personally like one over the other. Personal convictions
because of personal experience. In other words, "only the experienced
walk with a limp". 

I trust that regardless of what your MTA of choice is, you have fun and
learn, which is more important than which MTA.

Warm Regards,

W.D.McKinney (Dee) - CEO & President
Alaska Wireless Systems
Direct (907)349-4308 -=- Mobile (907)230-5048 

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