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Re: Squid Refresh ?

Em Qui, 2003-09-25 às 05:19, Dave escreveu:
> Hi all,

Hi Dave

Directly from :http://www.squid-cache.org/Doc/FAQ/FAQ-5.html#ss5.13

5.13 IE 6.0 SP1 fails when using basic authentication
When using basic authentication with Internet Explorer 6 SP1, you may
encounter issues when you first launch Internet Explorer. The problem
will show itself when you first authenticate, you will receive a "Page
Cannot Be Displayed" error. However, if you click refresh, the page will
be correctly displayed. 

This only happens immediately after you authenticate.

This is not a Squid error or bug. Microsoft broke the Basic
Authentication when they put out IE6 SP1.

There is a knowledgebase article ( KB 331906) regarding this issue. The
fix is to call Microsoft, open an incident referencing this KB article
and they will send you a "hot fix". They do warn that this code is not
"regression tested" but so far there have not been any reports of this
breaking anything else. The problematic file is wininet.dll.

According to Joao Coutinho, this simple solution also corrects the

      * Go to Tools/Internet
      * Go to Options/Advanced
      * UNSELECT "Show friendly HTTP error messages" under Browsing.

> We are running squid proxy server with user authentication and every time I
> log on, I get a blank screen/timeout and have to refresh to load my startup
> address. Most of us in the building are running Internet Explorer 6. Is this
> a common problem?
> Thanks,
> Dave

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