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Re: RFC2228-only FTP ?

On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 04:45:23AM -0000, cls-du@truffula.sj.ca.us wrote:
> The fact is that FTP with security extensions is the
> defacto standard way of solving the clear text password
> exposure problem in the commercial Web hosting world.
> Millions of people use it.  SSH2/SFTP may be technologically
> superior, but it is not what most places use.  If you go to
> Barns and Noble or some other large bookstore you will find
> dozens and dozens of beginners' books about Web authoring.
> They all describe the process of uploading files through
> FTP or DAV.  Hardly any of them mention SSH2/SFTP at all.

If you need transparent FTP encryption, you may look at SafeTP

Unfortunately, the development of that software is currently very slow,
but its model is well-thought.


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