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Re: Comparison of antivirals for postfix on Debian

On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 15:26, Chris Evans wrote:
> I haven't seen this recently, sorry if I've looked through it.
> I run a small, opt-in, Email list server for charities on Debian 
> stable with postfix and spamassassin.  I was using RAV-postfix but 
> since M$ have bought them out and my subscription is running out, I 
> have to replace RAV.  I'm looking at Kaspersky and Vexira at present 
> but trying to find comparative experiences from people who know what 
> they're talking about.  Any views anyone?

I've never tried Vexira as we are happy with our Postfix/Amavis setup
running some bigger mailserver setups (+10k user each, some clustered).
As backend-scanner we used Kaspersky (kavdaemon) but switched to F-Prot
a few days ago as kavdaemon crashed at random intervals on some servers
while others run rock-stable.
Both, Kaspersky and F-Prot can use a daemon as backend which speeds up
the scanning-process significantly if you have larger amounts of mails
going through your system.

For US $ 300 per server you can get the Fileserver-Version of F-Prot
which includes the daemon-scanner and it seems like there are no
additional fees (like subscription, updates, ...)

Installation on Debian is really straightforward and even supported!
(i.e. documented in INSTALL)

best regards
Markus Oswald <moswald@iirc.at>  \ Unix and Network Administration
Graz, AUSTRIA                     \ High Availability / Cluster
Mobile: +43 676 6485415            \ System Consulting
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